This video is an exclusive look behind the curtain at IDEO, the global design firm, who for 40 years (and counting) has changed the way we think about design.
IDEO is one of the companies that first peaked my interest in design, so it was very special to Art Direct this project and learn more about the company, their process, and work alongside them.

Design can do so much good, this piece brings that to life.

Role: Art Director, Design



Chapter Titles


Portfolio Project Treatments


Title Design


Case Study


IDEO is a company that prides itself on process. This project went through several directions, hundreds of scans, and so many layouts to achieve its final form. I wanted to document my process by showing a few frames that didn’t end up making the cut, but were pivotal to the end result. Enjoy!


Production Company: Dress Code

Director: Dan Covert
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein
Head of Post Production & Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg
Head of Production: Amy Dempsey
Producer: Sheree Shu
Production Manager: Cheng Liu

Cinematography: Joe Victorine
Additional Cinematography: Jon Hokanson

Editor: Dan Covert
Assistant Editor: Nick Stromberg
Art Director: Elena Chudoba
Design: Elena Chudoba, Brooke Bamford, Rasmus Löwenbrååt
Animation: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Color: Daniel Orentlicher

Archival Research: Richard Kroll
Production Coordinator: Jonathan Dontchev

Music + Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Location Sound: Matteo Liberatore, Donny Tam

Photos: Dirk Ahlgrim, Dennis Boyle, Tiffany Knight, IDEO

Role: Art Director, Design